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Highest quality stainless steel quick link ensuring Safety and better performance

Marine grade stainless steel quick link with screw lock is unique hardware used for securing rings and loops to chain or extending chains. It is an excellent fastener for everyday use. The stainless steel quick links come in various shapes and size for industrial, marine, or rigging applications. Quick links are available in multiple shapes, including standard, delta, long, pear, and square. 316 stainless steel quick links are known for rust and corrosion resistance, and its low carbon content protects its inter-granular corrosion

Stainless steel quick links are designed to offer the ideal connecting points, to join two pieces of chain, wire rope, or chain-link carbine screw loop, chain to an eyebolt, or perhaps two carbine hooks require a connection point. This quick link is just the product, with a smooth and easy-to-use screw gate opening. It can be operated (opened up and closed) easily by the user even after the connection. They attach easily without specific tools and are reusable as well. They are designed to repair the low carbon chain and connect the fittings and are resistant to corrosion. The stainless steel quick Link is used in the education, sports, building, and heavy industrial sectors. It is a great element to use in such applications, even in marine environments such as harbors, ports, or outdoor events. 

The stainless steel quick link is much popular due to its varying shapes, sizes and load bearing capacity. Multi-Purpose Non-Rusting stainless steel quick link enables fast, easy connections for permanent or temporary applications. Different shape quick links not only have the highest strength but come at a great price. It makes them much popular in the boating, camping, hiking and other marine or industrial activities. It can be used for fast chain connections, fittings, cables & ties.  

  • Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade
  • A high-Quality precision screw provides a tight and secure connection
  • Ideal for boating, camping, hiking, and backpacks
  • Maximum working load limit  based on size & specification
  • Corrosion-resistant, material is ideal for chain fittings, chains, ropes, and webbing
  • Non-rusting stainless steel - great for marine or other applications where rust is a concern.
  • Used in an outdoor environment and are very easy to install.
  • They are ideal for connecting to hardware or connecting lengths of chain or as a more secure rope tie.
  • It is a useful element used for providing a semi-permanent connection to the fall arrest equipment.
  • Used to attach two lengths of wire rope cable or chains securely.  
  • Strong and not prone to failure due to incorrect loading. 
  • Double threaded screw closure resists vibrating open under load
  • Doesn't readily unscrew. 
  • It can be secured with a spanner or thread adhesive. 
  • Great Value for money and Safety. 
  • For areas where multi-directional forces occur, weight is an issue.

By choosing the stainless steel product of Quality Marine Hardware, you will ensure getting a quality product at the best price. All the products, including the stainless steel quick link, also ensure safety and performance during its use. For more information about their product line, please call them at 909-548-2884 or 888-335-6888 today!

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