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What is stainless steel turnbuckle & what are the parts used in it

A stainless-steel turnbuckle is strange mechanical hardware that takes a prominent role in rigging jobs. As the name suggests, the stainless-steel turnbuckle is the buckle that turns. For many years it has been used to unite the cable or wire or rope or rods. It connects the ends of two cables or wire or string or rods, and can tense or loosen while turning the buckles. Like other rigging hardware products, stainless steel turnbuckles are available in various sizes, configurations, and types.

Turnbuckles are the rigging hardware element used to eliminate slack and adjust tension in a rope, cable, or another tensioning system. It is an adjustable device consisting of three primary components as a body, a right-hand threaded end fitting on one end, and a left-hand threaded end fitting at the other end. The end fitting on either side is used to connect to the tensioning system and a securement point. The turnbuckle can get tightened or loosened to adjust the tension and eliminate slack in the cable or rope connected with it. A turnbuckle may be used alone or in conjunction with other turnbuckles to enhance the length of the assembly.

Body: The sturdy metal frame in the center of the device joins the two threaded end fittings. It may be one of two types: closed or open. The open body turnbuckle is the more traditional type where the threads are visible through the body frame. The body itself turned to adjust the tension by extending and retracting the end fittings. A closed body stainless steel turnbuckle, also known as pipe bodies, covers the threads in a closed frame. It will create a slimmer profile that fits even in tighter spaces.

Nut: It is also known as the jam nut, placed on the threads of the end fittings and tightened against the stainless-steel turnbuckle body. It helps in preventing the device from loosening or unthreading. The diameter measurement of the nut & its threaded portion of the end fittings is essential to decide the load-bearing capacity of the turnbuckle and vice versa. The end fittings' total length can screw into and out of the body to generate tension. The end fittings can either be extended fully or retracted fully with the nuts.

End Fittings: It is the connection points that threaded at the end of the turnbuckle body. One end is right-hand threaded while the other is left-hand threaded. It allows you to turn the body to adjust tension after installation without moving the end fittings. Three main types of end fittings are used together to form a stainless-steel turnbuckle. It comes with a combination of two hook ends, or jaw end or eye end or hook end & jaw end or jaw end & eye end or eye end & hook end to meet your desire.
•    Hook end - It is used to create temporary connections because they are accessible & quickly connected and disconnected. It is easier to install, attach or detach from the rigging components than other jaw end or eye end stainless steel turnbuckles. However, it is less practical due to the lack of a safety latch, which may unexpectedly release from attached rigging components, causing the hook to displace. Therefore, they should never be used in connections where the tension could unexpectedly release.
•    Jaw end fitting – The jaw end fitting consists of a jaw and bolt secured by a nut or a pin. They are composed of a jaw, bolt, and nut to attach the wire rope sling straight onto the jaw end and pin to the lifting eye bolts and lugs that cannot be opened.

•    Eye end fitting – Such stainless-steel turnbuckle is intended for straight-line pulls or in-line applications but not for lifting purposes. The eye end fitting does not have moving or opening parts and is precisely designed for shackle or quick link and attached to wire rope sling or other approved rigging components.

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